Live broadcast | Watch the Bayern Munich and Hoffenheim match today 9/27 in the German League


German football fans are looking forward to an exciting match between Bayern Munich and Hoffenheim, this evening, Sunday, September 27, at the Rhein Neckar Arena, within the second round of the competition for the new season 2020/2021.

Followers and visitors of the Kora 365 website, watch the Bayern Munich and Hoffenheim match will be broadcast live today in the event that a channel is available that will transmit the confrontation, and it is scheduled for exactly 4:30 pm Mecca time, and 3:30 Cairo time.

No TV channel in the Middle East and North Africa has so far announced that it owns the rights to broadcast Bundesliga matches, although for the past five years those rights have been exclusive to the Qatari network of BN Sports.

Bayern Munich won the European Super Cup a few days ago after snatching victory from Seville’s canines with a double goal, to officially crown its first championship in the new season.

The Bavarian, who is presenting a distinguished level until the moment, and Al-Kah suffered a severe defeat with eight goals without response in the first round in the campaign to defend his title, and in this confrontation he hopes to achieve victory, continue victories and provide strong performances.

While Hoffenheim succeeded in achieving victory over Colin in the first round by three goals against a goal, to collect his first 3 points in the tournament, and he will try to continue the victories, but he clashed with a very strong opponent that he must beware of leaving the match with a positive result.

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