Live broadcast | Watch the Juventus and Roma match in the Italian League “Night Shoot”


Submit to you a site Mercato Day broadcast live Night shot match “Juventus and Roma” in one of Today’s matches Sunday 27-9-2020 in the second round of the Italian League.

The match “Juventus and Roma” is broadcasted on the channel BN Sports 4, with the voice of commentator “Ali Muhammad Ali,” as reported on Sky Sports Syria A and Premier Sports 1.

The match kicks off at 18:45 GMT, 20:45 GMT Egypt, 21:45 am Saudi, At the “Olympico” stadium.

Team enters “JuventusHis second match in the Italian league under the leadership of coach “Andrea Pirlo”, who will seek to present his credentials to the fans of the old lady through his first difficult confrontation this season.

وحقق Juventus Winning his first match against Sampdoria by 3-0 in the match that was held at his home “Allianz Stadium”.

In return enter “Rome“The match is in difficult circumstances after the Sports Court decided to consider him a (3-0) loser in his first match against Hellas Verona due to an administrative mistake by the officials of the Capital Wolves team, after the participation of the international financial player“ Amadou Diawara ”in the match without being registered in the team’s list for the new season.

Diawara participated in a match Hellas Verona, And his name is registered in the list of players under the age of 22 in the team since last season, and now he is 23 years old.

Click here to watch the broadcast of the match between Juventus and Roma (night shot)

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