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Submit to you Mercato Day site broadcast live Lumbara Ahly AndArsenal At the top Today’s matches On Egyptian soil, within the role of the 16 Heroically Egypt cup.

A match begins Ahly And the arsenal at exactly the hour 18:00 GMT time, 20:00 Timing Egypt ، 21:00 Timing Saudi, And move on Ontime Sports Channel 1.

He is attending the Ontime Analytics studio for a meeting Ahly And the arsenal all of Ayman Younes and Emad tired And a veteran mathematical analyst Taha Ismail The legend of Al-Ahly club in the sixties.

The match is held on Al-Ahly Stadium In the city of Peace in Cairo, and will be the last for the Swiss coach Renee Fyler Who asked to leave for family reasons despite less than a month left for the two semi-final matches African Champions League Before Wydad Casablanca Moroccan.

Al-Ahly reached the price of the final cup Egypt At the expense of Beni Suef, after defeating him with a score 1/3, I witnessed Moroccan striker Walid Azaro recording a double, and a goal by midfielder Ahmed Sheikh, on that day 3 Dec 2019.

As for the arsenal recently trained by legend Shaker Abdel Fattah, he was nominated for the final price, with a surprising victory over Enppi by a penalty shoot-out difference, after a negative tie in the original and overtime 0/0 day 6 Dec 2019.

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Ahly 2-1 Arsenal

🏟 Al-Ahly Stadium (Al-Salam City – Cairo)

🏆 Egypt Cup (Round of 16)


Al-Ahly celebrated the defeat of Al-Tarsana in the Egypt Cup 2020
Al-Ahly celebrated the defeat of Al-Tarsana in the Egypt Cup 2020
  • Welcome to this one Live broadcast And live coverage of the events of the Al-Ahly and Arsenal match.
  • I accompany you during the 90 minutes.Mahmoud Maher
  • 🟢 Refresh the Impact Gameplay page for the latest details and developments
  • 🟦 Al-Tarsana club is suffering from two problems, and is competing this season to survive the relegation to the third division
  • Rene Fyler wants to bid farewell to Al-Ahly by winning this match, after negotiations for the extension reached a dead end with Al-Ahly’s management.
  • ‘Coach Sun Downs’Mosimane“He decided to resign from his position to prepare for the transfer to Al-Ahly within the next 24 hours.
  • Al-Ahly squad: Mustafa Ahmed Schubert – Yasser Ibrahim – Ahmed Fathy – Mahmoud Wahid – Alio Diang – Hamdi Fathy – Muhammad Majdi Qafsha – Junior Ajay – Hussein Al Shahat – Marawan Mohsen – Ali Badji.
  • Arsenal lineup: Ahmed Muhammad – Barakat Hajjaj – Muhammad Hussain – Tariq Yahya – Hisham Ragab Muhammad Mansour – Ibrahim Mansour – Muhammad Khattab – Rida Syed Abdul Salam – Walid Muhammad – Omar Tariq Saeed – Ihab Fouad.
  • Al-Ahly faces the former Abu Trika team.
  • It witnessed the last confrontation between Al-Ahly and the Arsenal in October 2018Al-Ahly won with difficulty 2/3 Within the Egyptian Cup final price matches, Al-Ahly was late on two occasions during that match, and Mohamed Sharif currently scored a double for Enppi, and Ahmed El Sheikh ensured that he scored the winning goal in the minute 89.
  • Al-Ahly won the arsenal 2/3 For the last time in Egyptian League By season 2009/2008, Before the arsenal was relegated to the top flight.
  • The winner of this match will face Abu Qir Fertilizers Club in the quarter-finals, where Abu Qir Fertilizers managed to eliminate the border guards in a loud surprise in the role of 16.
  • first half

The last match of the Swiss coach Rene Weiler with Al-Ahly in front of Al-Arsenal in the Egypt Cup 2020
The last match of the Swiss coach Rene Weiler with Al-Ahly in front of Al-Arsenal in the Egypt Cup 2020
  • 1 ″ The start of the match for referee “Ahmed Gamal”
  • 3 ″ A compressive attack at the beginning of the first half from Al-Ahly, with a great focus on the right side ..
  • 6 ″ Goooooooooooooooooooooooow … the goal of progressing to Al-Ahly by the Nigerian Junior Ajay … very early in the match
  • 6 ″ 👟 It was made by Aliu Badji .. Knowing that the opportunity started from the right under the leadership of Aliu Diang and Hussein Al-Shahat.
  • 9 ″ Oooooooooooooooow… a realized opportunity to score the arsenal for the purpose of the amendment .. a shot by “Tariq Adil” after a smoothing from Crespo, but the left shot passes next to the left post with one yard ..
  • 14 ″ Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo …
  • 22 ″ Ooooooooooooooh … Aliu Badji and Ahmed Fathy (binary operation – One Two) .. ends with a cross from Ahmed Fathy to Badji inside the area to receive and pay, and the arsenal goalkeeper shines in deflecting the shot.
  • 25 ″ Al-Ahly took control and the physical stockpile of the arsenal decreased.
  • 31 ″ Cooling Break .. A short break due to the hot weather in the match stadium.
  • 35 ″ Boom .. Marwan Mohsen fires a missile shot from a distance of about 23 yards, hitting the right post of goalkeeper Mohamed Ahmed, who flew on it, and fortunately for him the ball went off the field as the shot hit the outside of the post.
  • 42 ″ ⚽️ Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow … The arsenal succeeds in reducing the difference 1/2. A very nice header goal from the player “Ibrahim Mansour” after receiving a cross from a direct free kick from the right side.
  • 42 ″ The replay beautifully illustrates Ibrahim Mansour’s escape from Hamdi Fathy inside the penalty area before turning the cross ball with his head on the far left of the young goalkeeper Mustafa Ahmed Schubert.
  • 43″ At the same time .. Al-Ahly’s next competitor in African Champions League “Wydad” scored the second goal in front of Olympique de Safi Moroccan League..
  • 45 ″ Oooooooooooo… A new opportunity for Al Tarsana Club at the end of the first half, almost ended with a second goal !!
  • 45 ″ Arsenal striker Ihab Fouad was the holder of the last header … but his ball passed over the bar !!
  • 45″ yellow card Arsenal player Ibrahim Mansour.
  • 47 ″ The whistle at the end of the first half, leading Al-Ahly 1/2.
  • A big advantage for Al-Ahly, but the arsenal is brave, and he has more than one chance, and his level never reflects his disappointing position at the bottom of the ranking table Egyptian League Second degree.
  • Second half

Strong cohesion between Ahmed Fathy and Yasser Ibrahim
A strong bond between Ahmed Fathy and Yasser Ibrahim
  • 45 ″ the start of the second half whistle without changes in the arsenal
  • 46 ″ A change in Al-Ahly with the exit of Mahmoud Wahid and the participation of Muhammad Hani.
  • 50 ″ Al-Ahly’s attempts are continuing at the arsenal to kill the match.
  • 55 Al-Tarsana goalkeeper “Ahmed Mohamed” has shined in clearing a difficult ball from Hussein Al-Shahat … and his timing for leaving the goal is perfect so far
  • 63 ″ A first change in the ranks of Al-Ahly, with Mahmoud Kahraba going to replace Marwan Mohsen Al-Mukhaib today.
  • 64 ″ Ooooooooooooowo… Al-Tarsana goalkeeper Ahmed Mohamed removes a dangerous header from the leading defender to play the offensive role in a corner kick, “Yasser Ibrahim” ..
  • 65 ″ Sooooooooooooweba from the 18th line of the Nigerian player Junior Ajay, the goalkeeper Ahmed Mohamed picks it up at an ideal time.
  • 66 ″ Al-Ahly is intensifying its attempts again to score the second goal.
  • 66 ″ A pass cut by Mahmoud Kahraba … the first ball he gets after he comes off …
  • 75 ″ Cooling Break .. A short break.
  • 76 ″ Two changes in the arsenal with the descent of “Abdel Rahman Saad and Mohamed Ashraf Fahmy” instead of Mohamed Crespo and Reda Salah
  • 79 ″ A change in the arsenal with the exit of Ihab Fouad and the disembarkation of “Ayman Al-Hajri”
  • 82 ″ Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr beautiful condition of Muhammad Hani finds Junior Ajay inside the penalty area, but he places it with the shoulder and not with the head over the bar far away ..
  • 83 ″ Booooooooom… Omar Tariq Al-Saeed dodges Yasser Ibrahim from the right, paving the ball for himself on the left foot and shooting a strong one over the bar, far away ..
  • 86 Omar Tariq leaving and Hussein Anwar participating in the Arsenal squad.
  • 86 ″ Mohamed Mahmoud came to replace Walid Fawzi in the Arsenal squad … The last change!
  • 86 ″ A change for Al-Ahly .. Mohamed Shoukry participates instead of Aliou Badji
  • 88 ″ Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonentfuge, a strong wibble from Mahmoud Kahraba, from about 30 yards, goalkeeper Ahmed Mohamed brilliantly, and turns it into a corner ..
  • 88 ″ The shot went into the lower right corner … but the goalkeeper jumped amazingly …
  • 90 ″ five minutes lost time
  • 91 ″ A dangerous cross to the arsenal … causes great confusion for Al-Ahly’s defenders, so goalkeeper Mustafa Schubert gets out and grabs it twice.
  • 92 ″ Muhammad Majdi Afsha leaves .. Muhammad Fakhry participates in Al-Ahly’s squad
  • 93 ″ Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo… Junior Ajay gets a pass from Muhammad Hani inside the Six Yards area .. and from the turning position, he shoots Ajay with the right foot in the narrow corner, but the arsenal goalkeeper “Ahmed Muhammad” saves it in an octopus way by spreading his arms perfectly .. to save his team from a goal Sure.
  • 93 ″ Junior Ajay suffered a blow while paying … and requested treatment.
  • 94 ″ Summons the referee to review the mouse’s technique, to see if the arsenal defender deliberately touched Muhammad Hani’s cross ball with the hand or not.
  • 95 ″ The referee requests to continue playing
  • 96 ″ The final whistle, winning Al-Ahly 1/2.
  • Arsenal made a great match and won everyone’s respect.
  • A difficult victory for Al-Ahly in the last appearance of Rene Fyler before leaving.
  • Al-Ahly climbs to face Abu Qir Fertilizers in the quarter-finals.
  • This coverage ends here

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