Manchester City overtakes Burnley … and Manchester United exclude Brighton


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reach Manchester City pregnant Title The role quarter Final From cup the Nexus English لكرة The foot By winning On Air hostess Burnley 3-0، evening Wednesday, Thanks to Bi لنجمه Merciful Stirling.

وجل Stirling in a The two minutes 35 And49، And incoming the new The Spaniard Ferrand Torres in a Minute 65، Goals Manchester City pregnant Title in a Years Three Last.

ودخل Manchester City to me the match distance Loss Resounding On His land Before Leicester City 2-5 in a Stage The third From League the local Sunday, Where she was The time First Which Receive In which window Team For the coach The Spaniard Beep Guardiola 5 Goals in a His career Training.

as such she was The time First Which Receive window City five Goals On His land in a all Competitions in a Its history.

ودا Guardiola Determined On Recovery Its balance After Engage Many From Players Primary in a Competition Glazes Out Habit Coaches My players Reserve, Where Engage maker the games Belgian Kevin D. Bruin Best لاعب in a League season the past, ورحيم Sterling والجزائري Riad Mehrz, And Kyle Walker, والبرازيلي Fernandinho والفرنسي Benjamin Mindy Essential.

as such Catch up Manchester United Compounded Qualifiers to me quarter Final Competition, د distance Beat him On Air hostess Brighton With a result 3-0، in a the match Which Hug her Stadium Walmer evening Wednesday.

وسجّل Triple Manchester United Each From silence Macominay in a Minute 44، وخوان Mata in a Minute 73، والنجم French Paul Pogba in a Minute 80.

This is the second victory for Manchester United at the expense of Brighton this week, as the Red Devils won a difficult victory in the two-team match that was held last Saturday night in the third round of the Premier League, with a score of 3-2.

as such Succeeded Everton in a cut Card Qualify to me quarter Final, After Swept West Important United With a result 4-1 in a match The two teams Which Set up On Stadium Goodison Bless.

And joined Newcastle For clubs Qualifying to me quarter Final, After Rape obstacle Newport Conte With difficulty, وتغلب on him With kicks Weighting distance End Time the original للمباراة In a tie 1-1.

This It concludes Competitions price Final evening Thursday, Where Faces Brentford Team Fulham, ويحل IStock City As a guest On Aston villa, While Collide Leferball Arsenal in a Top matches This The role.


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