Manpower: Appointment of thousands of young people … and 558 minutes of illegal establishments


09:59 AM

Sunday 20 September 2020

Books – Youssef Afifi:

Mohamed Saafan, Minister of Manpower, announced the appointment of the Manpower Directorate in Cairo Governorate, 5564 young people, including 30 of them with capabilities in private and investment sector establishments.

According to today’s statement, this came through the registration certificates returned “the heel of work”, in the operating offices of the directorate, and the registered persons who wanted to work in these offices reached 16,525 young people, and 2930 job opportunities were provided for young people.

In his report to the minister, Mohamed Taha, director of the directorate, explained to the minister about what was accomplished last August, that the directorate extracted 1,188 licenses to practice a profession and 1,122 certificates for measuring skill level, in addition to receiving 965 complaints, of which 177 complaints were amicably settled, and 228 complaints were referred to the labor court. To take legal measures against the facilities in which they work, 48 complaints have been filed, and 332 complaints remain under consideration and study.

And the director of the directorate continued: that in the field of work permits for foreigners, the directorate extracted 100 new licenses for the work of foreigners, as well as renewal for 30 foreigners in accordance with the labor law and executed ministerial decisions that regulate the employment of foreigners on the basis of not competing with national labor, reciprocity, and the implementation of agreements and contracts.

As for the field of labor inspection, the directorate inspected 129 establishments (periodic – campaigns), and the inspection resulted in the release of 423 reports for violating establishments, 229 complaints were discussed, 162 complaints were settled amicably, and in the field of occupational safety and health, 159 establishments were inspected. And re-inspection of 318 other establishments. The inspection resulted in the issuance of 135 records of occupational safety and health and 5 records of licenses and administrative closures. 13 complaints were also examined.

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