Mayar Sherif … 4 questions to Mohamed Salah and two advice to Egypt’s talents


The Egyptian tennis player, Mayar Sharif, asked a number of questions to Mohamed Salah, the English player, Liverpool, and two tips for sports talents in Egypt.

Mayar’s speech came during her press conference after she narrowly lost to fourth-seeded Czech Karolina Plskova in the main round of the French Open.

“I saw the level here how it was,” Mayar said. “I did my best to be close to winning over one of the best players in the world.”

And she continued: “Mohamed Salah is one of the most successful footballers in the world. Witnessing a very successful person pushing successful people in his country gives you energy, because you know that there are good and successful people who will support you.”

She added: “I did not contact Salah, but if that happened, I want to ask him how he succeeded in breaking the barriers of trust? How did he become the first person to come from Egypt and do a very big job in this way ?, How did he go through the experience? And what are the steps that you include to become what he reached?” mechanism?”.

She explained, “I want to advise the young people that they can do everything by working hard with talent. We already have many talents in Egypt, only they have to believe themselves and follow their path.”

She concluded, “There are many obstacles in Egypt facing tennis players, especially female players, but we always have to fight to achieve what we want.”


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