Mental Health Consultant: A healthy lifestyle helps you live longer


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Dr. Bahjat Abu Zamil, a mental health consultant, said that a healthy lifestyle helps to live longer even with chronic diseases, pointing out that there is an American study that proved that if a person suffers from chronic diseases but follows a healthy lifestyle, he will have a longer life of up to 6 Years for men and 7 years for women.

“Abu Zamil” added, during a telephone conversation with the media figures Inas Al-Laithi and Amina Mahdi, on the “Your Health in the World” program, broadcast on the “cbc” channel, this evening, Tuesday, that exercising and following a healthy diet without smoking and reducing alcohol consumption leads to living Years longer.

He continued: “The results of the American study apply to the study community itself or to the sample of the study in which it was applied, but these results are generalized all over the world because it has the same sectors and the results of the study are divided into individual differences in the cultural, professional and social level, in addition to the cultural background and the type of education that we were brought up in on her”.

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