Mervat Amin, the password .. The story of the marriage of two great artists ended after 7 months


The artist Mahmoud Kabil is considered one of the few artists in the artistic work of those with fewer marriages. The artist, the author of more than 100 drama and cinematic works, was born in 1946 and had only married twice, and before art was an officer in the Egyptian armed forces, and he participated in the 1967 war and the war of attrition during which he was injured more than once and the injury prevented him from participating in the October 1973 war.

The artist Mahmoud Kabil married the artist, Soheir Ramzi, and despite what both parties announced about the happiness they feel during that marriage, it only lasted 7 months.And the actress Soheir Ramzi announced, on the day of her marriage, that she was living the best love story in the world, and that she had finally found the long-sought after marital happiness.

There were many reasons that were said about the rapid separation between the two stars, especially after the great love story between them before and during marriage, but one of the reasons mentioned by “Al Mawid” magazine at that time was that Mahmoud Kabil always insisted on accompanying Suheir Ramzi to his nights out at Al Jazeera Club , And that she was upset about these evenings, because all those who were in these evenings spoke only in the French language that she was ignorant of, which made it strange among them, and she discovered during the 7 months, that there is a vast difference between her thinking, thinking, natures and nature and the atmosphere in which she would like to be And the atmosphere in which Mahmoud Cain lives.

While some newspapers reported after their separation, that the most important reason is the artist Mahmoud Kabil’s love for the artist, Mervat Amin, about which a number of those around them talked about, which is what the artist Suhair Ramzi was unable to continue with the marriage to travel after their separation to London so that she would not be chased by the press.

In one of the television interviews, Mahmoud Kabil said that he bonded emotionally at a young age, as he was 14 years old, but he found it difficult to deal with the fairer sex after graduating from the war college.

Regarding the fact of his marriage to actress Mervat Amin, Kabil said that he liked her while filming “Love Under the Rain”, but they did not get married, confirming that what he liked about Suhair Ramzi and Mervat Amin was the inner beauty and their light spirit, not the outward appearance.

As for the second marriage, it was from outside the artistic community, from the mother of his children who is still his wife, indicating in the same meeting that he felt a different feeling towards her when he saw her the first time, saying: “When you like the lady to see your children in her, and when I saw my wife for a night I felt this.” .


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