Messi and Koman … statements hint at opening a “new page”


Liu drew cash stocks to manage The Catalan team After he was close to leaving Barcelona, ​​and a few days ago, he criticized the way officials dealt with Luis Suarez, before his departure to Atletico Madrid.

The Spanish newspaper “Marca” reported Messi His saying: “I said what I was feeling in those difficult moments for me.”

He added: “I understand that some people say that I should have shut up or not care about things, as I did in previous periods, but I did not like many things and this was my way of expression.”

it seems that Argentine star He decided to open a new page entitled optimism and solidarity, where he said: “We must leave the differences behind. I take responsibility for my mistakes. If there are mistakes it is because I want to make Barcelona Better and stronger. “

He continued, “We must now focus on doing everything we can to achieve titles and achievements together. We must be united and heading towards one direction.”

He concluded by saying, “I want to send a message to all club members and to the fans. If someone is upset about what I said or did, they should never doubt that I am always thinking about what is best for the club.”

The new coach’s response to Barcelona was not late Ronald Koeman Who replaced Kiki Setien the article from his post, saying: “It is very positive that the leader (Messi) shows his desire to remain united.”

“Let us hope to be calmer than what happened recently,” the Dutch coach said during a press conference held before his team’s match against host Celta Figo, in the fourth stage of the league, Thursday.

The former Barcelona player, who gave up coaching his country to supervise the team, admitted that he did not know whether he had all the elements to make Messi happy, but “as a coach, I have to search for the best team for him, he can shine with him and reach the best levels as he did Always”.

And he added: “I saw in the four weeks that he lives for football, and I think winning matches is the best thing for Messi to be happy in this team.”

Messi was about to leave Barcelona weeks ago, but the club’s management adhered to a penalty clause in his contract stipulating that he would pay 700 million euros before agreeing to leave.

The relationship between the “flea” and the administration worsened recently, following a disastrous season that the team left empty-handed for the first time since 2007, and ended with a humiliating 2-8 defeat by Bayern Munich in the Champions League.


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