Microsoft’s Surface Duo foldable phone’s secrets revealed – technology – smart devices


The popular YouTube channel iFixit posted a video showing all parts of Microsoft’s recently launched Surface Duo with two screens.

According to the experts at iFixit, replacing the screen or the back sides of this phone is not considered a difficult thing to some extent, but replacing some internal parts in it such as the battery, charging ports or electronic chips, it is a complicated matter since the device contains a significant number of connections that They are affixed in a complicated way, which is difficult to remove and return to their places, and some of the connection cables in it are sensitive and may be damaged if handled incorrectly; That is, the process of repairing this phone will be difficult in general.

The anatomy of this phone also showed that it is equipped with an eight-core Snapdragon 855 processor, a 6 GB SK Hynix DRAM random access memory, and two 5.6-inch OLED screens, each with a resolution equivalent to (1800/1350) pixels.

This phone comes with a structure that weighs 250 g, two batteries equivalent to a capacity of 3577 mAh, and is equipped with a USB-C port, and the Android 10 operating system, but it is devoid of an NFC chip and chips that enable it to communicate with 5G networks.

Microsoft had launched this phone in the United States in two versions, a 6/128 GB memory version, and a 6/256 GB memory version, according to Russia Today.



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