Military arrests and trials … demonstrations by boats in Damietta against the ban on fishing (video)


Izbat al-Burj fishermen demonstrated in the northern Damietta governorate, and whistled their boats to protest the arrest of a number of them and their transfer to military trials without giving reasons.

It was reported that the reason for the demonstration was the fishermen’s demand to release their colleagues and allow them to fish freely in Egyptian territorial waters, as was previously the case.

Izbat al-Burj is located in Damietta Governorate, and most of its residents work in the profession of fishing and shipbuilding.

The governorate of Damietta is located in the north of the Nile Delta, 15 km from the mouth of the river in the Mediterranean, bisected by the Nile River (Damietta branch) into two halves, bounded to the north by the Mediterranean, to the east by Lake Manzala, and to the south and west by the delta farms and plains.

The Egyptian government issued decisions banning fishermen from fishing in the East Port Said region until Al-Arish and the eastern border, which is an essential fishing area for Izbat Al-Burj fishermen.

A number of fishermen were arrested and transferred to the Military Prosecution, due to their fishing in East Port Said.

The government also prevented the issuance of licenses for new boats, while the head of the Suez Canal Authority launched a project to build a number of national fishing boats.

The demonstration took place on Sunday evening with boats on Nile Street in the city of Ras Al-Bar, near the Coast Guard point that monitors the movement of fishermen in and out of Izbat Al-Burj Bogaz.

The manor tower

According to websites, Izbat al-Burj is located at the mouth of the Damietta branch in the Mediterranean, on the other bank of the Nile from the city of Ras al-Bar.

The reason for its name Izbat al-Burj is due to the tower that was guarding its shore from the external invasion, and it was obliterated by water and erosion factors, but its effect is still present in the Nile, where its place appears like an island of shallow water.

In order for no one to trade in the fishermen’s vigil now, the fishermen never had factional requirements or advocates for chaos all their demands …
Posted by ‎Izbat Al-Burj electronic portal‎ on Sunday, 27 September 2020

The city of Ezbet El-Borg is of great importance, as it is one of the largest ports for building ships and cruise yachts in Egypt.

It also has the largest marine fishing fleet in Egypt, as well as a fish canning factory.

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