Ministries harvest … Health: Corona vaccine trials were completed and they did not show side effects


Today, Monday, the ministries’ offices witnessed intense activity within the framework of the daily follow-ups of the ministers or field trips. In this context, the “seventh day” monitors the harvest of the ministries throughout the day:

Education: We seek to build 100 schools of applied technology by 2030

Tariq Shawky confirms that 70% of students will be enrolled in technical education schools

The Minister of Health: The trials of the Corona vaccine were carried out on 40 thousand and they did not show side effects

The Minister of Health participates in the clinical trial of the emerging corona virus vaccine

Disbursing pensions and expenses from the Nasser Social Bank through organized schedules to prevent overcrowding

Al-Tadamun “continues to implement the Mawaddah Project” to qualify young men who are about to get married

A commercial mall above the Maspero metro station to serve the people of Bulaq Abu Al-Ela

The railway receives technical envelopes to update Nag Hammadi-Luxor signals next month

Dar Al Iftaa: Eating yeast beer with the intention of “getting drunk” and absenting the mind is forbidden .. Video

Local Development reveals the financing of 4 thousand projects with 716 million pounds within a month


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