Missing two years ago .. Details of finding a live woman at sea after terrifying suffering .. Video


A Colombian fisherman found a missing woman, who had not been seen by her daughter for two years, alive at sea, floating in the water off the coast of Colombia after attempting suicide.

Fisherman Rolando initially thought that what was floating on the surface of the water was nothing but a piece of wood, so he decided to pull it to find a woman missing two years ago.

And “Rolando” pulled the woman named “Angelica Gitan”, 46, after she was floating a mile from the beaches of Puerto Colombia in Atlantico.

According to the clip, “Angelica” was rescued by Roland and his friend after she had spent more than 8 hours at sea.

We tried to wake her up. She did not respond, was taken to hospital, and is said to have shown signs of hypothermia as a result of what she suffered.

The reason for her suicide

Speaking to reporters, she said that she boycotted her family and friends; Because of her ex-husband who abused her and tortured her for 20 years.

Speaking to RCNRadio, she continued: “His abuse started during my first pregnancy. He hit me, violently abuse me, and in the second pregnancy the abuse continued and I could not escape from him because the girls were young.”

“I reported him many times, but the police took him for 24 hours, and when he came home again, the attacks returned,” she says.

“Angelica” claimed that her ex-husband also locked her inside her house, and forced her to use the garden as her toilet, before he tried to kill her, But she managed to escape, and lived on the streets for 6 months before finding a place to stay at the Camino DV rescue center. However, she said she was subsequently subjected to more abuse at the shelter, and claimed that the women prevented her from showering and put soap and water in her drinks.

She noted that the police forced her to leave the shelter when her ex-husband moved to the states, which means the end of the preventive measures surrounding her stay, and this made her “do not want to continue” in her life, and she tried to commit suicide by jumping into the sea.

The woman did not remember being in the water until she was rescued, but she said that she regretted her attempted suicide, and said that she felt that God had saved her, “She was born again, thank God .. andIf I had the opportunity or help; I will never make that decision, now I am very grateful that God has given me a new opportunity to move forward. ”

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