Mohamed Abdel-Monsef: “If you approach the urban number, he will return to play and he is afraid of Jamaica.”


Mohamed Abdel Monsef, the goalkeeper of Wadi Degla, confirmed that he seeks to continue in the stadiums for the longest period, stressing that he is able to give and his ambition in the coming period to join the ranks of the Egyptian first team. Games, and throughout my career on the stadiums I strive to appear at the best possible level, and it has nothing to do with age at all.

He added, “I gained the determination and determination of the previous generation with the Egyptian national team, and I benefited a lot from the stars of the Egyptian national team who made great achievements. I have goals and ambitions that I strive to achieve in the next. I reached the 401 match, and I seek to reach a record number of matches.”

“I think the number of matches would have come close,” he said, laughing Essam ElHadary He will return to the stadiums again, and if I complete the next season, I will reach more matches, and fear of Jamaica, and may God protect us. “

He continued: “My relationship is good with Essam El-Hadary, and thank God I regularly participate in matches.”

He added, “I have an ambition to join the camp of the next Egyptian national team, and Ayman Taher, the coach of the national team guards, knows me well and trained with him a lot. I hope to be among the nominations, regardless of the age factor completely.

And he continued: After returning from Corona, the results were good, but after the Al-Ahly match there was confusion in the team, but the results began to improve again, and we are trying to win the next matches, and our goal is to score at least 6 points from the remaining confrontations in the league, we have a difficult match against Aswan today Saturday, we hope to win it and keep the team in the Premier League.

He concluded: “My contract is extended with Tigris until the end of the season. I sign contracts annually, and the relationship is good with Majid Sami, president of the Tigris. I do not think about matters now. The matter will be decided after the Tigris Valley remains in the league.”


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