Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi dances and sings with his wife at her birthday party (photos and videos)


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Yesterday evening, Monday, the young artist, Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi, celebrated the birthday of his wife, Randa Riad, and the Christmas party was attended by the artist Hana Shiha, along with a group of their close friends, including the musician Mustafa Al-Halawani and the artist Ahmed Talaat, and others.

“Al-Sharnoubi” danced with his wife to the tune of his latest song, “My Heart,” which he presented to her at their wedding.

He also sang and danced with the attendees at the “My Sisters” festival, due to its lack of Carica and the Missiles, which has achieved wide fame recently.

Yesterday, Al-Sharnoubi was keen to congratulate his wife on her birthday, through his account on “Instagram”.

Where he published pictures that bring them together, and commented: “Every year, we are with each other, and you are kind, affectionate, and the most beautiful thing that I have ever had in my life. May God bless you, my love .. I love you.”

Artist Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi announced his engagement to Randa Riyadh, Angham’s director, on Wednesday, December 11 of last year.

Al-Sharnoubi and Randa celebrated their wedding on June 10.

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