Mohamed Mahmoud reveals the date of his return to Al-Ahly and his comment on Taher’s deal and his wish to confront Zamalek


The injuries caused him to move away from achieving many titles and championships, whether with Al-Ahly or the Egyptian national teams, and everyone was predicting a great future for him thanks to his capabilities and skills that prompted Al-Ahly to join him from the ranks of the Tigris Valley, but the successive injuries since joining Al-Ahly kept him from brilliance with Al-Ahly or the national team Egypt, Mohamed Mahmoud reveals in an interview with him the date of his return to Al-Ahly and his opinion on the new Al-Ahly deal, Taher Mohamed Taher.

In the beginning .. What is the latest news of your injury and the scenes of your recent travel to Germany?

Praise be to God, the condition is constantly improving, and with the beginning of the rehabilitation period, I felt some pain in the knee, and the attending physician who was following the case in Egypt advised me to go to Germany. For the sake of more reassurance, which is what actually happened, when I did an x-ray, it proved that there was a slight injury to the posterior muscle, and I am currently implementing a new rehabilitation program, and I gradually started participating in the team’s collective training..

How did you face a rumor of your renewed injury?

Rumors do not concern me at all, and I always associate them with the fans’ love for me and their fear for me, and I accept anything, and I do not feel any resentment.

How did you get through this difficult period, marked by frequent injuries and misfortune?

When you play for a big team like Al-Ahly, you have to accept anything, and praise be to God, our Lord blessed me with the grace of contentment and contentment, in addition to my strong belief that all God’s measures are good, and this is a test from God and I accepted it with satisfaction and a smile, and all my goal now is to return to participate in Al-Ahly’s victories. So that I can prove to everyone that the injury is not a curse that ends the march of the athletes, and the example of this is Moamen Zakaria, from whom I learned to accept all the calamities, and I am completely confident in the return of Moamen, even though what he suffers from is much greater than my injury to the Crusader.

Recovering from the injury requires patience, fighting and high morale, so what do you comment?

Certainly, a young age helps and facilitates the recovery process, but there is a need for psychological readiness for treatment, and new goals must be set daily to achieve them, as well as satisfaction and conviction in the judgment of God Almighty..

What about support for the club’s board of directors and the coaching staff?

Certainly, they did not leave me for a moment, starting with Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and he is constantly asking about me and about my condition, which makes me very happy, and Captain Sayed Abdel Hafeez was with me in all stages of treatment, as well as my colleagues on the field, and this is not A stranger to Al-Ahly.

How do you explain the fans’ love to you?

Certainly .. it is a great blessing from God, and I am sure that my love for the club reflects on the fans, and reaches them with utmost clarity and clarity, and the Al-Ahly fans are known for their love for everyone who wears the club’s shirt, and Taher Muhammad Taher is the best proof of that, so the fans Support him by sharing with the team.

On the occasion of your mention of Taher Mohamed Taher, how do you see this deal, especially since you have been with him for years in the Olympic team?

Taher is a strong addition to the team, as he is a player with excellent capabilities, not to mention his ethics, ambition and self-confidence, and he is committed, and does not occupy his mind except with diligence in training and matches to provide his best level.

How do you see the intense competition in your position after returning from an injury?

The competition between all the players within the team is strong and honest, and you can imagine that the people I talk to the most are those who play in the same position; Whether Muhammad Magdi Afsha, or Salih Jumaa, in addition to Amr Al-Soulia, we are all at the heart of one man, and this is what I touched and learned in Al-Ahly, so everyone competes and strives and whoever participates, everyone stands behind him..

What match did you dream and wish to participate in?

The summit match, of course, and before I joined Al-Ahly, I had a burning desire to represent Al-Ahly in the final of the African Champions League.

I have always talked about the Champions League .. How do you see Al-Ahly’s chances of winning the title this season?

Our chances are very great, and the team has two very important matches against Moroccan Wydad in the semi-finals, and everyone is striving and fighting for the greater goal, which is the African title, especially after winning the league, and that is why we talk on a daily basis about the importance of focusing in the next stage to achieve the aspirations of the fans and crown the league The heroes.

How did you receive the decision to postpone the Olympiad?

I was very happy with the decision to postpone, which might give me the opportunity to participate in the next Olympiad, especially since my first injury was in conjunction with my glory and my joining the Egyptian first and Olympic teams together, and my second injury came after placing my name in the list of the participating team in the African Championship qualifying for the Olympics.

How do you see the fortunes of the Olympic team in the Olympiad?

It is still early to talk about expectations, as we do not even know the competing teams in the group in which we will play, but we will certainly work hard to raise the name of Egypt and delight the Egyptian fans..

Who is the closest player to you?

The duo Saad Samir and Karim Nedved.

Your hobby off the field?

Playing the Playstation, watching movies and watching TV.

After all competitors locally support their teams, how do you see the competition for the League Shield next season?

All teams are supported before each season, and this is not new, and the end is always the same, “Al-Ahly is always the champion”.

A message to Al-Ahly fans?

I would like to thank our great fans, you are our constant supporter, and the first and main reason for winning titles, we urgently need your support in the coming period to win the African title..


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