Mohamed Ramadan: I was bothered by the failure of some to admit that I am “Number One” news


Artist Mohamed Ramadan stated that all stars seek to attract the audience to their work and that he benefits from every advice given to him.

Muhammad Ramadan added during his meeting on the “evening dmc” program, that there are people who did not recognize the success of his series and that he is the most popular in the street, so he was keen to present the song “Number One” so that their children would admit his success instead of them. A song and I said, “Let their children say that I am number one.”

Muhammad Ramadan indicated that he is continuing his way in producing songs and when he decided to organize a concert attended by a large number of the audience.

Muhammad Ramadan had announced that he would run in the Ramadan race 2021 with the series “Musa” after he decided to postpone the series “The Emperor”, in which he would embody the character of the late artist Ahmed Zaki.

He revealed that he will start filming at the end of next October, because the work will require a lot of effort to look well.

It is noteworthy that Muhammad Ramadan recently released the song “Ya Habibi” in partnership with Miter James, and it achieved very great success and high ratings hours after it was released through the official channel on YouTube.

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