Mohamed Sobhy tells the story of Tarif, brought together by artist Zozo Nabil, 36 years old, I know what he is


Narrated The great artist Mohamed SobhyA position he had with the late able artist Zozo Nabil, during the filming of the series The Journey of a Million in 1984, after he killed the character “Ali Bey Mazhar”, which he presented in a movie of the same name, and the success of the character “Sonbol” in the series Journey of a Million and Sonbol after a Million.

The late artist Zuzu Nabil and Mohamed Sobhy
The late artist Zuzu Nabil and Mohamed Sobhy

Sobhi published a picture he collected with the late artist, accompanied by a comment: “A situation happened between me and the able artist Zuzu Nabil during the filming of the series The Journey of the Million 1984, before that I was the presenter of a character on Bayah Mazhar, who achieved a very great success and I was afraid of the audience that they would not see me except for his appearance, On one of the days of filming Sonbol, who we were still filming until early Ramadan, at the time of breakfast I was in the street with breakfast, and I looked back at the second filming. There was coffee in Sunbul, and people were watching a comic scene. I found all the coffee and laughed loudly. “

Subhi continued: “I ran from my joy to the studio and said to my beloved Zuzu Nabil with great joy... You killed him, Mama Zuzu. She got caught and said to me, Who is this? … You said that she killed Ali Bayh Mazhar, and it was one of the best days of my life when I touched Sonbol’s success. “


On the other hand, the artist Mohamed Sobhi responded for the second time to what had spread during the recent period about the existence of a dispute between him and the star Abla Kamel since they worked together in the play Point of View, and he expelled her during their presentation of the play, and the spread of those gossip recently, coinciding with the celebration of the birthday Najma Abla full.

Sobhi wrote on his personal Facebook page: “We want to clarify that what was circulated on Facebook pages that are known for their orientations and are based on the memoirs of Lenin al-Ramli, may God have mercy on him, who wrote while he was in a late state of illness and were not accurate and confused with a subject other than a play He looked, and we will clarify it now: All that was said about the great artist, Abla Kamel, is completely false“.

Sobhi explained the scenes of the crisis, saying: “The story is simply that the artist Mohamed Sobhy was the director of the play“ Point of View ”for 5 years, meaning that no one can do anything on stage without his permission, so how can the director and producer of work want to play a complete failure or want a lower level!”.

He added, “Then he testifies to her respect and commitment over the past five years, and there is no disagreement between them until the play” Point of View “ended, and Lenin Al-Ramli wanted Abla Kamel to be the heroine of the next play, whose name was” Al-Haddah “, but Muhammad Sobhi as a director objected to this choice because the composition of the role of the heroine The drama of the event is completely different on the character, composition and representation of Abla completely because the heroine is very beautiful and magic, and the hero is psychologically complex and sees himself much more beautiful than her.“.

And he stressed during his statement that the artist Mohamed Sobhy respects and appreciates the actress Abla Kamel and considers her one of the most important actresses who appeared with him..

Sobhi demanded not to be led by rumors, saying: We hope not to be led by news without clear evidence and not to distort an artist with the value of Muhammad Sobhi..


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