Mohamed Youssef criticizes the formation of Al-Ahly in front of Tanta


Mohamed Youssef, the former technical director of the first football team at Al-Ahly club, confirmed that Rene Fyler will seek to benefit today more from the depth by Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim Kahraba, and Mohamed Youssef said during the analytical studio for the upcoming match between Tanta against Al-Ahly that the left front of the Al-Ahly club will be weaker with the presence of Kahraba in front of Ali Maaloul, while it will be stronger if Junior Ajay plays in the center of the left wing for his ability to enter the midfield and create spaces for the Tunisian player to launch from the back to the front.

Mohamed Youssef added that Fyler leads the match with a 4-2-3-1 formation, which is the way in which he fought the FC Egypt match, in which the team managed to win 3-0, and that the Swiss coach is seeking to fix the formation in the current manner during the coming period before the CAF Champions League confrontations.

Mohamed Youssef stressed that Mahmoud Kahraba may play today as a second striker behind Marwan Mohsen, especially since the player has the elements of shooting on goal and his sense of scoring is very strong.

The Swiss coach Rene Fyler announced the formation of his team for the Tanta match, which will be held at 8 pm today, Saturday, at Al-Ahly Stadium in Al-Salam City as part of the 30th round of the Premier League championship. Rabiaa, Ali Maaloul, Amr Al-Soulia, Hamdi Fathy, Ahmed Al-Sheikh, Junior Ajayi, Mahmoud Kahraba and Marwan Mohsen, and Mustafa Schubert, Yasser Ibrahim, Ali Badji, Muhammad Fakhri, Muhammad Magdi Afsha, Ali Diang, Mahmoud Wahid, Hussein Al-Shahat and Arab Badr are on the bench..

Al-Ahly enters the game tonight with calm nerves after it had already decided the league championship nearly a week ago for the 42nd in its history and the fifth in a row, so the team’s technical staff will try to continue pushing some of the Dakka and ascending players, as happened in the last meeting of the Egypt team, in which Al-Ahmar won 3 cleaners and witnessed the participation of Kahraba and Walid Suleiman and Ahmed Fathi are in the starting lineup, as witnessed by the emergence of promoter Mohamed Fakhry .

Al-Ahly enters the match tonight square at the top of the league with 76 points, which gathered them from winning 24 games, drawing in 4 games and losing in a single match. Al-Ahly scored 66 goals and conceded 8 goals, so Al-Ahmar confirms that it is the strongest attack and the best defense, while the Tanta team enters the meeting, tipping the bottom of the competition. With 18 points, he won only two games, drew 12, lost 15 matches, and his players scored 17 goals and conceded 47 goals.

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