Mona Zaki boldly lights the social on the coast


Actress Mona Zaki topped the trend on social media sites after social media pioneers circulated photos from her last filming sessions.

Mona Zaki published a large collection of photos from her latest photo session in the recent period with many summer looks, and she appeared in it with an attractive, bold, sexy and elegant look as usual.

Zaki caught my attention with these views, after she published those pictures through her official account on the social networking site to exchange pictures and videos of the famous “Instagram”.

One of the followers said in her comment: “You are wonderful and your beauty is not just a form. Rather, personal strength and intelligence when I saw a meeting with Ahmed Hilmi. Our Lord, grant him success, and grant you, and currently all people tell you that you are fortunate with some of you are a model and a lesson that every girl needs to learn from you by controlling me to offer her with superficial and material matters.


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