Monica Beluchi’s 56th birthday. 7 most beautiful pictures in the life of a malena star after 50


Today celebrates the Italian beauty icon Monica Bellucci On her 56th birthday, she is still catching the eye thanks to her usual beauty and glamor despite her reaching this age that she has not been affected by until now. She is considered one of the most prominent beauties around the world who are very popular around the world. The star of the movie “Malena” who previously achieved great success. We are exposed to 7 photos One of the most beautiful images that stuck in the minds of fans and fans of Monica Belushi.

Monica Belloch 3
Monica Bellucci
Monica Bellucci 2
Monica Bellucci is known for her beauty

Monica Beluchi has a history full of achievements in blind cinema, where she participated in 75 cinematic and dramatic works, including the film The raffle The Italian, who in 1991 showed Monicas first steps on the path to stardom, the film co-starring Giulio Scarpatti, Massimo Geni, Elena Cantaron and was written and directed by Francesco Laudio, and the film revolves around Francesca, the incredibly beautiful woman, who lost her husband and after his death discovers his lack of loyalty And leaving him for a huge amount of debt.

Monica Bellucci 4
Monica Bellucci 5
Monica Beluchi in photos that highlight her beauty after passing 50

I also participated in Spider in the Web، The Best Years of a Life، Necrotronic، Spectre، It Happened in Saint-Tropez، The Private Lives of Pippa ، The Man Who Loves، Dolce & Gabbana Parfums Monicas last film, and other works, was the Serbian film On the Milky Road It is a comedy-drama film, co-starring with Monica, Prince of Kusturica who is also the author and director of the film, which is not a new story about love in a time of war.

Monica Bellucci 6
Monica Bellucci after fifty
Monica Bellucci 7
Monica Beluchi at the age of 50

Monica Bellucci 8
Monica Bellucci in one of her photos after turning 50

The famous star was born on September 30, 1964, in Citta di Castello, Italy, and during her artistic career, she was able to place her name among the most important stars of her generation.

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