Mortada Mansour: The name of the coach of Zamalek announced on Wednesday evening


Mortada Mansour, Chairman of Zamalek’s Board of Directors, announced that he will reveal the name of the new coach of the team that will succeed French Patrice Carteron, via the club’s channel, this evening, Wednesday.

Mortada Mansour said on his official Facebook page: “The committee formed by Farouk Jaafar, Ismail Youssef, Ahmed Mortada and Amir Mortada has chosen the new technical director of Zamalek Club, and his name will be announced at exactly 11:30 pm in the Zamalekawi program on the Zamalek channel.”

Murtaza Mansour explained earlier that the new technical director of Zamalek will be among several names that are negotiated with, and he referred to Jaime Pacheco, Gabriel Calderon, and Paolo Tramitzani, in addition to 3 other names that were not disclosed.

An official source at Zamalek Club said that Portuguese coach Jaime Pacheco is the closest to succeeding French Patrice Carteron in training the White Castle during the coming period. (See the details)

Patrice Carteron left Zamalek after paying the penalty clause, in order to assume leadership of Saudi cooperation.


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