Morteza: Pacheco is primarily responsible for 3 files


Mortada Mansour, President of Zamalek Club, attended the first training session of the Portuguese coach, Jaime Pacheco, with the white team, in preparation for the match between Al-Masry Al-Borsaidi next Thursday in the Premier League.

“We welcome Pacheco, and I was keen to attend his first training session with Zamalek,” Mortada said, in a session held with Zamalek players, in the presence of the new technical staff led by Pacheco.

He added in a video clip broadcast by Zamalek TV: “We have spent all your dues, and you will find them in your accounts after the training session (so that no one will have an argument). I wish you success in the upcoming matches in the League, the Egypt Cup and the African Champions League.”

He explained: “We quickly rectified the position of the technical staff and formed a committee to manage crises, and Bachiko was required, and he is fully responsible for 3 files, namely, new contracts, departed and the return of loaned persons.”

He continued: “Pacheco was coach of Zamalek before, and I challenge those who say that I was interfering in his work.”

He continued directing his speech to the players: “Whoever is sad or angry, we must start a new page, and the criterion will be your seriousness in training and your sincerity in implementing the plans of the coaching staff on the field.”

Murtada went on to talk about the statement of the Olympic Committee, saying: “I will respond to the statement of the Olympic Committee at a press conference at Zamalek Club next Saturday because we have an important match against Al-Masry on Thursday so as not to distract the players.”

The president of Zamalek concluded his remarks by saying: “I will respond in an international press conference in the Zamalek Club with the recordings, documents and things that the Olympic Committee did not respond to until Egypt knows the truth, (Mabkhafsheh is the one who created me).”


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