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The artist Muhammad Imam responded to the statements of the artist Riyadh Al-Khouli about him and his family.

Al-Khouli was a guest in a previous meeting with the artist Isaad Younes on the “Her Excellency” program, and he talked about Imam’s artistic talent that surprised him during their work together in the series “Hogan” that was shown in Ramadan 2019, and referred to the commitment of the artist Adel Imam’s family, whether Rami or Muhammad Imam Religiously, in addition to Muhammad Imam’s willingness to offer more creativity in the future.

Muhammad Imam responded to this through his Instagram account, where he posted the video and wrote, commenting on it: “The great artist, Riad Al-Khouli, who had the honor of working with him.”The series “Hogan” is written by Mohamed Salah Al-Azab, directed by Sherine Adel, and starring Mohamed Adel Imam, Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Abeer Sabry, Salah Abdullah, Riad Al-Khouli, Aws Aws, Asmaa Abu Al-Yazid and Hajar Ahmed.

The series revolves around a young man dubbed “Hogan” from the people of his popular area, due to his being of supernatural abilities, as he pulls cars in his hand without anyone’s help, as well as bends coins with his fingers and his mouth and excels at eating glass, to spread his fame on the horizon, and he becomes one of the elite the society.

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