Muhammad Ramadan explains wearing two diamond rings … and a new message by al-Fishawi


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Artist Mohamed Ramadan drew attention again to his luxurious lifestyle, with two rings encrusted with diamonds, which he wore during an interview in which he appeared on one of the Egyptian channels, and said that they symbolize his ambition and the African continent that he aspires to reach every country In it, and to know more about the world as an Egyptian artist who belongs to it.

Ramadan did not find harm in wearing expensive jewelry, as long as he fulfills his duties, “from zakat, taxes, help from relatives, or anyone who needs help…” according to him, and he cited the Quranic verse that says: “As for the grace of your Lord, it happened.”

The Egyptian artist revealed that the series “Moussa”, through which he will appear in the 2021 drama season, will be “completely different from all his previous works,” and denied that his series “depend on the line of revenge only, but rather on many lines” aimed at winning over the audience.

And Mohamed Ramadan considered that the lack of success in the drama: “bad for any star,” and this is what drives him not to gamble in his relationship with the television audience, and likened that to the Egyptian Football League, and if there is an idea that involves a risk, he can present it in the cinema, He promised his fans that “upcoming films will be made on a global level, with the participation of great artists.”

Ramadan stressed that his only compass is the “audience”, who determines his goal and steps, and is keen not to oppose him, and indicated that his fans were the ones who were forced to sing, after he sang for the first time in a television advertisement, so that his successes in the songs he released through his official channel on YouTube.

Muhammad Ramadan demonstrated his success in singing, with the public turnout witnessed by his concerts. Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh, head of the Saudi Entertainment Authority, was quoted as saying that his concert had achieved the largest public turnout in the last “Riyadh Season”, in addition to 450,000 people attending his last concert in Morocco. , He says.

Regarding his repeated reference to the numbers he has achieved through his official YouTube channel, which “recently exceeded more than a million subscribers and 3 billion views,” Ramadan said that he documents his success in numbers “in terms of marketing,” such as any “product”, and “this is what Limit”.

The Egyptian artist explained that the song “Number 1” was a response to a group that did not recognize his success, and that he was “the most popular and successful in the street, and the most successful one in record time” among his generation.

Muhammad Ramadan referred to the controversy that took place recently on social media, between him and his colleague, the artist Ahmed Al-Fishawi, without naming him, saying: “I cannot do a song that says I am number 3, for example, we all compete to please the audience, and he is the high star that we compete to please. He just caught his attention. ”

The artist Ahmed Al-Fishawi apparently angered Ramadan, for announcing the release of a song entitled “Number 2”, to which the latter responded with a promotional clip from a song titled “The Tank”, in which he said: “Take my decision and I must win any outburst .. With my apology to Al-Fishawi, the last of which I have a picture. ”

On the other hand, Al-Fishawi raised the ceiling of defiance in the face of Ramadan, and said in more than one recent press statement that he did not accept his apology, and continued publishing his preparations for the song “Number 2”, including a poster, which was interpreted as seeking to punch him through this song, removing the crown from his head. Especially since Muhammad Ramadan called himself “the king” and “legend”, along with “Number 1”, of course.


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