Muhammad Ramadan: I am not a doctor because I treat people .. and my role is to provide happiness


The artist, Mohamed Ramadan, said that the first reason for his success is the success of our Lord to him, as well as the satisfaction of parents and his sincerity at work. My work is the most important thing in my life after my family. I work for 12 months, not just the time of the series.

Ramadan added: “In 2013 I bought an office so that I feel professional, and I always go to my office and think and plan about it, and one of the most important issues I think about is why Americans can reach here when I cannot reach them ?, And after my achievement of strong success in Egypt and the Middle East, my interest in reaching For the continent. ”

The artist, Mohamed Ramadan, continued during his hosting of the Dmc evening program, presented by Iman Al Hosary on the Dmc channel, saying: “I follow my audience more than the audience follows me. Same direction and I change immediately.

Ramadan added: “I remember one time, a follower wrote a bad comment about my work and I challenged myself to change his mind, and I began to follow him until the 27th episode of the series” Ibn Halal “. I found him, Post books praising the series and me as an actor. Someone is totally against me, someone who has become a fan

Ramadan continued his speech, saying: “Art is an entertaining and enjoyable thing, not a healer, so it is a great thing to make it a healer and a home, but in fact the healer is the profession of other people, such as a doctor. My mission is to make people happy.

And he continued, it was my highest ambition to work in front of the international artist Omar Sharif, and I achieved my dream and presented a series with him in 2007, and he praised me and my acting and I was very lucky, but now I work to achieve many goals, so the coming years will prove to people who Muhammad Ramadan is.


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