Muhammad Ramadan in a new indirect message: Advice from me, why get away, my son, from my silence


The artist, Mohamed Ramadan, sent an indirect message by publishing a new video clip of his song “The Sultan” through his personal Instagram account, which included the opinions of a number of his fans in foreign countries who praised his new songs that had achieved success over the previous days.

And he included the video in which Ramadan appeared with clips from his clip “Al Sultan”, while he sang, “No, that he will always prefer my name on the card, my advice, why keep my son away from my silence, that you are busy with my name. This is evidence of the success of my plan, advice from me that you are silent a lot, advice.” From me to you, I don’t have any doubts about me, I’ll fly over my tracks. I’m not going to see any brand in you. I’m correct and the rest is change. Welcome to the competition. “

Soon, a number of Ramadan fans linked the video he published from his clip “Al Sultan” in response to the controversy between him and artist Ahmed Al-Fishawi, who intends to release his song “Number 2” to respond to Ramadan.

Ramadan had put out a promotional advertisement for his new song called “Tank”, the lyrics of which carried a message to Al-Fishawi in which he said: “I apologize to Al-Fishawi, the last of you with me Tire.”

After circulating the Ramadan song and her words that mocked Ahmed Al-Fishawi, the latter replied: “I am now in the studio and recorded the song (No. 2), and my comment on what Professor Muhammad Ramadan said: I will not accept your apology.”

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