Multiple sexual relations behind the spread of cervical cancer .. A new episode from Walid Clinic


Dr. Mohamed El-Azab, head of the Egyptian Society for Cervical Endoscopy, indicated for the “Walid Clinic” program, presented by colleague Walid Abdel Salam Ali, on the seventh day, that the death rate due to cervical cancer is 63%, saying: For the stages of cervical cancer, it occurs as a result of injury With HPV (papillomavirus), where the cancer is caused by the virus for more than 7 years without symptoms, then it begins to appear through the so-called abnormal cells stage, and then from it to the emergence of cancer in its different stages.

Al-Azab explained: “The discovery of the problem in the stage of the abnormal cells is the best stage, as it facilitates treatment and complete recovery while preserving the reproductive capacity. And he continued: In the stage of the abnormal cells, local anesthesia is performed without the need for surgery, radiotherapy or chemical treatment, and he continued: HPV virus” Papilloma virus) is responsible for 99% of the incidence of cervical cancer, and the virus is transmitted through touch, and studies have shown that 80% of women are susceptible to infection with the virus at different stages of life.


He pointed out that the virus gives indications as evidence of infection, such as the appearance of skin appendages, acacia and fish eye, and revealed that the multiplicity of sexual relations that occur under the legal and legal umbrella behind cervical cancer, and continued: Multiple marriage, separation and remarriage contribute to the spread of the disease in the event of transmission From the person infected with the virus to the healthy lady.

Al-Azab added that one of the most important factors that cause the spread of the virus is smoking, as smoking leads to a decrease in immunity, which gives the opportunity for the papilloma virus to penetrate into the body and promote infection, and there are other factors such as stress and immunodeficiency that help the virus spread.


The head of the Egyptian Society of Cervical Tumors said: There are no clear symptoms of the disease to know, among the most common symptoms are repeated vaginal secretions and pain during the marital relationship, blood leakage during the marital relationship, lower pelvic pain and a mess in the menstrual cycle, which requires setting up a program for early detection of cervical tumors for protection And disease prevention.


He continued: Early detection is done through a simple test every 3 years from the age of 25 to 49 years, and every 5 years for women from 50 to 65 years of age, subject to marriage, and it is not required to conduct it for girls who have never been married, and he said: The cost of the test starts from 550 pounds, This is to find out whether there is an infection in the stage of abnormal cells or not, and in the event that they are present, it is preferable to do a virus analysis, and thus the cost is 1500 pounds.

And he completed: The cost of treatment for one woman from cervical cancer is 150 thousand pounds, including surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, according to WHO statistics, there are 1000 new cases of the disease annually, which costs the state a treatment of one and a half billion pounds annually, in addition to the deprivation of the dream of childbearing and motherhood.


Candidates for an increase in the number of injuries said: The cost of a full examination during the years of the program is 15,000 pounds for the life of the woman, with a guarantee of protection from disease and continuation of reproductive capacity, indicating that every 100 women affected by cervical cancer die of 63 women, which reveals the severity and severity of the disease.

He continued: We aim to provide all support to the state, especially at a time when the health file receives the attention of the political leadership, so that there is a national program to detect cervical tumors. He continued: The association has the mechanisms that allow the establishment of the same treatment programs in England, especially as it is a party with the state in training and educating doctors specializing in medicine. The family, pointing out that the state will not cost any money for the examination.


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