Murad Mounir was transferred to the Armed Forces Hospital .. Developments in the health condition of 4 famous people


During the recent period a number of stars have been exposed to health ailments, some of them serious and the other simple .. We review the latest developments in the health of the stars as follows:

Murad Mounir

Youssef, son of the director, was published Murad Mounir A comment on his Facebook page, in which he announced the latest developments in his father’s health.

Youssef said: “Pope, I go to the Armed Forces Hospital for physical treatment in Agouza in coordination with the Presidency of the Republic and the Syndicate … your calls … {And if I fall ill, then he will heal.”

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Youssef Mounir, son of theater director Murad Mounir, wrote on his personal page on the social networking site “Facebook” that his father was taken to the hospital after suffering a stroke.

He said, “Oh God, I complain to the weakness of my strength .. and the lack of my trick. I am Yusef Murad Mounir .. Baba went through a stroke in the brain for a little .. the night that frightened me in my life the most .. It was necessary to stay in the hospital, but the circumstances did not help us, and we returned with him to the house, .. and I do not. Transfer me and have no power .. I do not know his father in a hospital, and I do not know what I need to do except that I invite him .. All that I ask is your invitations … and a little love of the one who loved him for the creation of God all. “

Syed Al Fayoumi

The artist, Sayed Al-Fayoumi, published a comment on his Facebook page, announcing the move to the French Palace Hospital after suffering a health crisis.

Sayed Al-Fayoumi said: “Thanks to God first and then to everyone who supported me and supported me, especially mentioning the true family, Dr. Ashraf Zaki and the creative artist Munir Makram, because I am now in the French Hospital.”

Sayed Al-Fayyoum thanked the artist, Ashraf Zaki, who stood with him and supported him in his health crisis and said: “A thousand million thanks to the artist, the human being, the respected brother. I supervise Zaki for his call and support, and this we have always entrusted to him, my love, Doctor Ashraf.”

Al-Fayoumi had published through his account expressing his illness, writing: “O servants of God, I want someone who loves our Lord, cares for me and heals me, I swear by God that every moment and the elders of children will die.”

Sayed Al-Fayoumi presented a number of works, including “A Bold Sprinkle,” “The Next Statement Comes to Us,” “The Companion of Its Own,” “Al-Awla in Love,” Ismael Yassin Abu Dahka Jenan, and “Al-Khawaja Abdel Qader”.

Lotfi Labib

The great artist, Lotfi Labib, reassured Jammura of his health after rumors of a hospital move spread.

Artist Lotfy Labib said: I am fine and fine and able to move, but in a state of illness, I cannot continue my work, and they consider me in a state of retirement or semi-retirement for acting, and I pray to God to heal me

Lotfi Labib had stated that he suffered a stroke while hosting Wael Al-Ibrashi’s “The Ninth” program.

Lotfi Labib said, “I do not conceal a secret, because I am in a state of illness and I suffer from a stroke in the brain. I am disabled in the entire north. My people who have waited on my work are afraid of you. I am in a state of illness … they cannot see it as a quasi-retirement or retirement … I ask God to heal me.”

Marwa Hassan

The Egyptian blogger “Marwa Hassan” also suffered a major health crisis, as she was lying in intensive care.

This was after an unfortunate accident, along with her husband and baby, on the road during their return from summer vacation on the northern coast.

“Marwa”, “Rania Yahya,” a friend of Marwa, said: “Marwa did a big accident while she was returning from the coast with her son and her husband, and they are receiving treatment in the hospital during the current time.”

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