Murtaza Mansour announces a new deal for Zamalek


Mortada Mansour, president of the club Zamalek, announced the conclusion of a new fire deal for the white team during the current summer transfers, to strengthen the team’s ranks during the next season in order to compete in all tournaments.

In his interview with Portuguese Pacheco, after signing Zamalek training contracts, the president of Zamalek revealed that Hamza Mathlouthi, the right-back for the Tunisian team, Sfaxien, had settled the deal, to defend the colors of the white team, starting from next season, and to compensate for the escape of his compatriot Hamdi al-Naqaz from the ranks of the White Castle.

Mortada said in his meeting with Pacheco: “Zamalek includes a constellation of international players, including the right-back of the Tunisian national team Hamza Mathlouthi,” confirming the club’s contract with the Sfaxien player to support the white team next season.

Hamza Mathlouthi is one of the distinguished players on the football scene at the present time, possessing high technical and physical capabilities, and great experience by virtue of his participation with Sfaxien in the Tunisian League and the African Championships, and he will be a strong addition to the Zamalekawi team in the new season.

Zamalek had contracted with Portuguese coach Jimmy Pacheco to take over the technical leadership of the white team, succeeding the French coach Patrice Carteron, who abruptly terminated his contract with the club and left to train the Saudi cooperation team.

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