Murtaza Mansour: Proud of Zamalek’s victory over Al-Ahly and Tariq Yahyas leadership of the team


Mortada Mansour, President of Zamalek Club, thanked Tariq Yahya, the interim technical director of Al-Abyad, for his leadership of the team in such circumstances, after the departure of French Patrice Carteron, from leading the team, after the termination of his contract to lead the Saudi cooperation, saying: Working in these difficult circumstances, he drives the plane without gasoline and the rubber is a hit, and an emergency landing has landed. I thank him, Ayman Abdel Aziz and Medhat Abdel Hadi, and come out with the least losses in light of injuries and a change of coach. “

Mortada Mansour was keen to send a message to the Zamalek players before their match against El Gouna, which will bring them together on Sunday evening, next, in the thirtieth round of the Premier League competition, saying in a video recorded with them: “May God grant you success, you are a man and I appreciate the conditions that you suffer from from the pressure of matches. There are those who compare the pressure of matches to playing in European leagues, and a player in Europe gets what you get in a year, and the matter is definitely different. “

In his meeting with Zamalek players, the president of Zamalek indicated that despite Al-Ahly crowning the Premier League title for this season, it is enough for the white players that they won it and this is enough, adding: “Even if Al-Ahly takes the league, it is enough for us to win it. Accordingly, the pressure of the matches caused many injuries. A hospital now has one of the injured players. We started with Muhammad Abdul Shafi, then Hazem Imam, Shekabala, Zizou, Bin Sharqi, Kasungu, Abdullah Jumaa and Obama. I have a hospital of the injured, yet 4 games remain, however, may God bless you. “

Mortada Mansour continued his conversation with the players: “I am communicating with Farag Amer, president of Smouha Club, currently, in order to postpone the Smouha match in the Egypt Cup. There is no need to hold it at the present time. You are postponing the league by 4 months. African Championship “.

Zamalek will enter the match, ranking second in the table Arrangement With a score of 58 points, after playing 29 matches, during which he won 17 matches, drew in 7 confrontations and was defeated in 5 matches, while his players scored 40 goals and conceded 22 goals, but Al-Abyad was considered a nominal defeat with a score of 2/0, in his match against Al-Ahly in a summit The first round of the local competition, to be decided by deducting 3 additional points from his balance at the end of the current season, while El Gouna is ranked thirteenth in the Premier League table, with 31 points, after he played 29 matches, during which he won 8 confrontations, tied in 7 matches and was defeated in 14 A match, while his players scored 24 goals and conceded 37 goals.

It is decided that the Portuguese Jaime Pacheco will officially assume the technical leadership of Zamalek after the El Gouna match, which will be the last for Tariq Yahya as the interim technical director for White, which started from the Aswan match in the twenty-eighth round of the league, which ended with the defeat of the White with a goal without response, followed by the victory over Tanta With three goals against a goal, in the twenty-ninth round of the local competition.


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