Murtaza messages to Pacheco: We closed the last page


Mortada Mansour, President of Zamalek Club, was keen to hold a session with the Portuguese Jaime Pacheco, the new coach of the team, in order to present him to the fans and explain the mechanism of work and challenges during the coming period.

Zamalek club announced that Pacheco had signed a contract under which he would train the team for a renewable season.

Mortada said to Pacheco, in a video clip broadcast by Zamalek TV: “The vast majority of critics, analysts and football stars, headed by Ahmed Hossam Mido, were in favor of the idea of ​​contracting with you.”

He added, “We closed the page of the crisis of your departure from the club six years ago once and for all, as evidenced by that we negotiated with Josefaldo Ferreira before settling on your appointment.”

He explained: “The difference between 2014, the first time I trained Zamalek, and 2020, is that there is a constellation of Egyptian, Arab and African players in Zamalek’s ranks that did not exist before.”

And he continued: “All the players got their financial dues, and things changed completely for the better than 2014, in which we won the league and the cup, and we have got titles from 12 to 13 championships.”

He continued, “Almost all of the 12 coaches who worked after your departure confirmed that Murtaza Mansour does not interfere in their work at all.”

And he continued: “Thank you for agreeing to the continuation of Amr Abdel Salam, the goalkeeper coach, in your auxiliary system.”

He stressed: “You have important matches in the CAF Champions League, where we will face Moroccan Raja twice in order to reach the final match, which I hope will win if qualified because we are used to winning in one-match confrontations.”

He added, “When I inquired about not working since 2017, I knew that this is your thinking despite receiving several offers, because you were choosing and waiting for the appropriate offer.”

Murtaza completed his letters to Pacheco jokingly: “He got billions of dollars in his recent experience in China and therefore he was not working in past years, but I followed him in Portugal and found that he constantly renews his training license.”


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