Musimani after training Al-Ahly: A great opportunity that will never happen again, and the President of Sun Downs is a wonderful man


South African issued Pesto MusimaniThe new technical director of the Al-Ahly club, an official statement through his Twitter account, revealing the details of his departure from training Sun Downs, in which he said: “It is my reason for my regret and sorrow. Referred to by his name – Mamelodi Sun Downs has been like my family for the past eight years, and President Patrice Mutsibe has been like a father to me, as he was a friend, guide and supporter to me. That is to me from a generous and wonderful man like him. “

Musimani continued: “Although there are four seasons remaining in my contract with Sun Downs, this offer is a great opportunity for me that will not be repeated again, and it was an honor for me to lead the Sun Downs to the CAF Champions League title and reach the FIFA Club World Cup Finals.”

At the end of Musimani’s statement, he apologized to fans and fans and the president of Sun Downs, wishing them success for the team in its mission to win titles.

The Musimini Manifesto
The Musimini Manifesto

Al-Ahly club officials contracted with South African Musimane to lead the red team for two seasons, and Musimani will arrive on Friday to lead Al-Ahly training, succeeding the Swiss, Rene Fyler, the former Al-Ahly coach..

Al-Ahly club officials have decided to appoint Rolani Mokena as general coach in the Southern African apparatus, Pitso Musimini, Capello Rangoga will be appointed as a loads coach and Moussa Matelba, a performance analyst, while Yancon Michel, the current goalkeeper coach in the team, will not leave with Swiss Rene Fyler..

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