Mustafa Amar, on the rumor of his death: People ‘s soul is annoying some of them


In his first statement after the rumor of his death, the star Mustafa Qamar told Al-Youm Al-Sabea that he was fine, well dressed, and in good health after the rumor that was circulated hours ago about the news of his death, indicating that he was disturbed by this ridiculous rumor whose source was not known, expressing Her wishes for people to refrain from spreading rumors that could cause great harm to others.

The star Mustafa Amar had collaborated on his new album “To Whom It May Concern 2”, which he recently released and achieved great success, with a large number of poets and only one composer, and among the poets Rida Zayed and the late Sameh Al-Ajami, Mustafa Qamar composed a number of the album’s songs, and Ashraf Al-Sarkhogly participated The album has a number of songs composed as well, and the album is entirely distributed by Mostafa Amar.

And the star Mustafa Qamar recently performed a concert within the summer concerts inside the Library of Alexandria, and is his first concert after the spread of the Corona virus, and he started it with the song “Q from the People” and then presented various songs, including Al-Laila Dob and the black eyes and Mnaya and presented a song traveling with his brother Yasser amid cheers The audience shouts.


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