“My sister, be upon him” … the story of a dialogue by Ahmed Ramzi, which caused the anchor’s divorce (Video


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Tuesday 29 September 2020

The great media, Laila Rostom, the niece of the great artist Zaki Rostom, hosted about 150 artists from the top stars, writers and poets such as Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Faten Hamama, Abdel Halim Hafez, Taha Hussein and Mustafa, on the Egyptian TV screen in the 1960s. Amin, Omar al-Sharif and others, she did not know that one episode with a young star at the time, would cause her all this controversy for many years.

In 1964, presenter Laila Rustom decided to host the star Ahmed Ramzy, in an episode of her program “Your Favorite Star,” which was preparing its episodes at the time, Moufid Fawzy, and directed by Saeed Ayada; As usual, Ahmed Ramzi surprised the audience by wearing a shirt with open buttons, revealing his chest, and a chain with a blue bead. “The world is free, and you don’t see that?” To follow: “No, this is the air conditioning is working, it is good.” ?, he replies: “Oh, and look at there, I’m gone.” He continued: “I mean, I took permission from the studio to come?”, And he replies: “Oh, there is one product named Adli, the generator, who is sitting in the studio right now, because it took an hour.”

Laila Rostam asked again about the shirt’s open buttons, saying: “Say, what is the story about the shirt that you always open?” Ahmed Ramzy replies with disapproval: “I do not understand what the story of the shirt is .. This is a button from above and buttons from below, and every one A man writes to me a little, what is this about? Is he annoying you? ”Then she replies:“ I don’t see that there is a strange thing in it? I see that it is a little strange and the smooth too. ”And he replies:“ No, this chain is a nice thing that remains. ”Then he said:“ This is a bead Blue? ”, And he replies:“ Oh a bead for the eye, I can see it in the eye, but I’m afraid of this story. ”Then he continued:“ I mean, this blue bead is because people are envious of you? ”Then he replies:“ Oh, but it is between me and you. He originally surrounded her … Madam was afraid of me, “then he followed with an unimaginable word:” My sister, on him! “The audience in the studio laughed, then continued the dialogue for a full 40 minutes.

During the interview, Ahmed Ramzy reveals that he is filming two new films, “Memoirs of a Servant” with Lubna Abdel Aziz, and “Nimer Al-Talmudh,” with Hassan Youssef and Mohamed Awad. Laila Rostom asks him, saying: “Talaat is successful and not in the exam?” To respond to her: “I am my life in the cinema, I have never succeeded in any need .. The directors dictate that they drop me.” “.

The irony is that after that episode, press reports reported that Ahmed Ramzi’s boldness unintentionally caused the divorce of the presenter, Laila Rustom, as after the broadcast of the meeting, Laila Rustum’s husband felt jealous, and disputes arose between him and his wife, which reached the point of divorce, after he accused her of flirting with Ahmed Ramzi is on the air, which was confirmed by the “Maspero” website in a report it published on the able media in May 2017.

It also spread years later, that this episode caused Leila Rostom to be suspended from the Egyptian television, because she deviated from the rules in front of the camera, especially since she traveled with her husband, businessman Hatem Al-Kurdi, to Beirut after the nationalization decision in 1967, then she returned to Egypt and television in 1980 and presented The “Qimam” program, during which it hosted community figures at the time, but the program was subject to tight control by officials, so it was decided to move away again.

After many years passed, Laila Rostom spoke about the scenes of the famous meeting with Ahmed Ramzy in an interview with the journalist Moufid Fawzi on the program “Keys” on the “Dream” channel (April 2014), and she said: “Ahmed Jah and they say in the dialogue that the producer is being annoyed too much. He wastes his time and money in order to bring him a guest with me for an hour, as if he says that we are wasting time, I mean, but I do not know what made me say (oh sister on him) this, his origin was hilarious in himself as he is a child who passed the exam. “

Laila Rostom added, “I am really surprised, why is it Farhan or like that? Chains together, and this was something that could not happen in a long time, it was a strange thing for our time, and he opened the buttons to the limit of his pleasure, I told him what is that? The episode, he said, “It’s not nice, but I hear people tell me.”

Ahmed Ramzy (born on March 23, 1930) is one of the most prominent Egyptian movie stars throughout its history, and in his career many works that still remain and will remain despite his departure eight years ago on September 28, 2012.


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