My tip: I support Mustafa Schubert … and my relationship with Failer is over


Sherif Ikrami, a former Al-Ahly goalkeeper and newly moved to the ranks of Pyramids, confirmed that he supported Mostafa Schubert, the young Al-Ahly goalkeeper, before his first official match with the team in the Egypt Cup.

Mustafa Schubert is on the Al-Ahly list for the Arsenal match in the round of 16 of the Egypt Cup, and is preparing for his first match in light of the absence of Mohamed El-Shennawi for his comfort, and Ali Lotfi’s lack of readiness after his recent recovery from the Corona virus.

Ikrami said in statements to MBC Egypt, “Of course, I wish success to Mustafa Schubert. I contacted him by phone. It is important that he appears in front of the fans well and everyone is reassured of Al-Ahly’s future, he is a good guard.”

He continued, “Of course, I have compassion on Mustafa Schubert. There are many pressures, especially since his father, Ahmed Schubert, is a guard with a history and also a great journalist, and certainly there are those who wish that Mustafa Schubert’s experience would not succeed.”

“I told Mustafa Schubert not to overburden himself and not to overly trust himself, and also not to be tense or tense, I am sure that he will make a good match,” he said.

“There are no courtesies in football,” he stressed.

He added, “Thinking about my future with Al-Ahly took 6 months, and of course I consulted my father, but as I said before, I found that all circumstances lead to my departure from the team and I announced that.”

He continued, “In Egypt, there are no matters that remain in the dark. One day the masses will know the financial return about my transfer to Pyramids, since February and everyone knows that I will move to Pyramids, why did no one talk about the financial return at the time?”

And he continued, “Throughout my time in Al-Ahly, I did not do any crisis, when I said I will return to him one day, it was related to whether I would add to the club or not, I do not know what will happen in the distant future, and Al-Ahly is not a charitable institution to house the players after retirement.”

He explained, “My position is different from Essam El-Hadary, of course. Al-Hadari had a contract with Al-Ahly and left the club and left. For me, my contract expired, and I did not take any step until after all matters with the club were over. I announced my departure and Al-Ahly agreed and no problems …

“My relationship with Failer ended after my departure from Al-Ahly. I used to talk to him continuously, and I advised him to create leadership cadres within the team after the departure of the great players. My relationship with him was good, and currently I am in Pyramids and things are over.”

On the authority of Ahmed El-Shenawy, he said, “Of course, I liked being with the Egyptian national team in the World Cup, but not because of the severe injury that Ahmed El-Shenawy suffered, but in the end this is God’s will. He has an opportunity to participate in other tournaments.”

Regarding Al-Ahly goalkeeper Muhammad Al-Shennawi, he commented, “laughing,” “Al-Shennawi is a criminal.”

“Mohamed El-Shenawy, my younger brother, presented an exceptional season, and he has the opportunity to break the record. I hope that his season will be crowned in the African Champions League with Al-Ahly, and he is the best goalkeeper in Egypt now,” he added.

He stressed, “Al-Ahly will remain my home, there is no quarrel with anyone inside Al-Ahly, in the end the club for me is not people, the entity is the rest, and the fans are the purest, even if there is anger, offense and offense, I am forgiving and accepting, and my life has not made the fans angry.”

He continued, “I did not move to Pyramids forcibly,” but with my full will. I am proud that my name has been associated with the Al-Ahly club, something that I am always honored and proud of.

He concluded, “I felt that there was anger from the masses, and that my words were no longer acceptable, but even if there is public anger, I fully accept it, and there is a balance, the masses used to support me a lot.”


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