“My work is a job that I don’t want to get into my wife.” A farmer leads the people of a village to attack “Mulit


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On Monday, a farmer in Dakahlia set fire to two cars, one of them owned by Lamblt, in the village of Rahmaniyah, affiliated to the Mit Ghamr Center, accusing al-Baltalt of performing witchcraft and sorcery and “an act of work that prevented him from entering with his wife.”

Major General Raafat Abdel Baath, Director of Dakahlia Security, received a notification from Major General Mustafa Kamal, Director of the Directorate of Investigations, of a report from the people of the village of Rahmaniyah, which is affiliated with the Mit Ghamr Center, that a number of village residents gathered in front of a tiled house and set two cars on fire, after accusing him of working in the quack And sorcery.

The investigation officers led by Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed Farid, head of investigations at the Mit Ghamr Center, and the firefighter moved to the place of the communication, and upon examination it was found that a young man called “ASO”, 28 years old, a farmer, had gathered the people to gather in front of the house of “I.A.AB”, 52 A Sunni, paved, and Faisal residing in Giza governorate, and he has another residence in the village of Rahmaniyah, the Central District, and he set fire to two cars, one of them owned by him, which were in front of the house.

The Civil Protection Forces managed to put out the two cars, and the investigation officers dispersed the citizens.

The director of the investigations ordered the formation of a search team to restore discipline in the village, disperse the people, and arrest the accused.

The officers were able to control the young man and the tilapid, and with the first question, he accused the man of charlatanry of practicing charlatanry and sorcery, and said: “He used to go to my wife’s house and did a work that prevented me from entering my wife, so I gathered the people to punish him.”

A report on the incident was released, and they were presented to the Public Prosecution Office, which decided to detain them pending investigations of the investigations into the incident and its circumstances.

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