Myriam Fares grabs your hand and a roll takes you from the balcony to the sleeper


The Lebanese artist, Myriam Fares, appeared in two new looks from her balcony, and this caused a state of widespread controversy on social networking sites.

Myriam Fares published two photos on her account on the “Instagram” website, sitting on the balcony of her home, wearing a loose-fitting dress.

This is the second time that Myriam Fares appears in a loose dress, after announcing her quarantine since February 23.

A large number of social media users and followers of Myriam Fares met those pictures that the Lebanese artist wears those loose clothes, to hide her swollen stomach caused by pregnancy.

Indeed, many people were quick to ask Myriam Fares if she was pregnant or not, and some were quick to congratulate her on pregnancy.


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