Nabila Obeid decides about her engagement


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After trading news about Her engagementThe Egyptian actress revealed, Nabila ObeidThe truth about her connection, in an audio message, in which she expressed anger about what was rumored about her.

Nabila Obeid said, in her statements to So Insider in Arabic: “A dog is like usual. Every day they need to come out, yesterday they got the news of the death of a person, and the first death of another person, all of this is empty and empty words.”

Nabila Obeid

She was the artist Nabila ObeidShe revealed the release of a book showing her film career from the beginning, titled “Nabila Obeid Cinema ”, To be issued during the next period.

وكتبت Nabila Obeid On her personal Instagram account: “A book about Nabila Obeid CinemaAnd a lengthy review of all my films in Egyptian cinema … written by writer, researcher and film historian Mahmoud Kassem, surprise you will be surprised, wait for it soon.

Nabila Obeid films

Launched Nabila Obeid During the seventies and eighties, and presented many works, to solidify her name as one of the most important Egyptian stars. Cinematic During the seventies, “The Last Hours, One in a Million,” she also appeared in a number of TV and radio series, such as: “The Genius”, “How to Lose a Million Pounds”, in addition to the series Aunt Nour, which she starred in.

As for the most famous works of “The First Star of Egypt” in the eighties and early nineties, there is a large group of artworks, including but not limited to the suicide of the owner of the apartment, a date with fate, children and murderers, mud, school assassinations, challenge, Haret Berjawan, The case of Samiha Badran, the dancer and politician, Dick Al-Barbar, Samara Al-Amir, Tut Tut, revealed the concealed, Hoda and His Excellency the minister, the woman and the cleaver, and the other.

Nabila Obeid presented a series of films that made marks for herself in the history of Egyptian cinema, and her last work on television was the series Sukkar Ziada, one of the Ramadan series in which she co-starred with Nadia Al-Jundi, Hala Fakher, and Samiha Ayoub.

The series was subjected to many criticisms, at the public level, and some of those in the film industry, including director Khaled Youssef, who considered the series “not only the stars mistake, but the mistake of all those in charge of it. ”


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