“Nada” is asking for a divorce in the morning: the world has turned for me, I don’t know why


Relationships and society


The twenty-year-old girl “Nada A.” sought stability after the death of her father. She wanted a man for her, so she could only think about marriage after the departure of the father and bond.

Her neighbor, whom she did not know much information about, proposed to marry, the thirty-year-old “Samir M.”. He knew his neighbor’s stray, so he wanted to propose to her, and deluded her that he was the ideal partner with whom she should build the marital nest, and she actually agreed to the engagement.

It was only a few months before Samar got married. All the preparations were done quickly, and she found herself with “Samir”, in one house, but the morning of her marriage brought her unpleasant news that no bride wanted.

“Nada” recounted the details of what happened with her in front of the family court in Imbaba, and said that the marriage took place in her mother’s debt, and it was not easy at all, but her husband had greedy for her simple device.

On the morning of the morning, Nada was surprised by the presence of his family at the marital home. “I was struck and shaken again on the morning, and I was surprised by all his family entering my house. Despite attempts at reconciliation on the part of the girl, her husband did not return to her. ”

Nada continued: “They did this so that there is no support, and they know that there are no sisters, and my father is dead, the world has turned on me and I don’t know why.” The grieving wife did not know what to do, especially after she was evicted from the apartment, so she immediately went to the family court, to file a divorce case. And receive alimony to live with her mother after the divorce.


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