Nadia al-Iraqiya sends a sharp message to the doubters about her children’s lineage


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Artist Faten Fathy, known artistically as Nadia Al-Iraqiya, expressed her deep dissatisfaction with the skeptics about the lineage of her children recently, after publishing new pictures of them, as the comparison between them and them was renewed, and she was exposed to a harsh wave of sarcastic comments.

Al-Iraqiya published pictures of her three children, Adham, Mai, and Nelly, and their father as well, through its Facebook account, and commented on a sharp message, in which she said: “Oh, my country and their father. You say goodly money, how do you see me? ”

And she continued: “Envy and hatred sat me down from work. We don’t feel happy, and diseases entered my house. My family is kings of Jamal.

This is not the first time that “Nadia al-Iraqiya” has been subjected to such criticism, as she faced a massive campaign of ridicule after publishing pictures of her son Adham last year, whom they described as “Muhannad al-Turki”.

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