Nagorno Karabakh: Are there Syrian mercenaries fighting for Azerbaijan?


The fighting rages for the third day in a row between the two sides

Amidst the intensification of the fighting over the Nagorno Karabakh region, reports are continuing regarding Turkey sending Syrian fighters to support Azerbaijan, which was denied by the authorities there, and the Turkish Ministry of Defense denied it despite the announcement by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that his country stood by Azerbaijan with all its capabilities and demanded that Armenia end its “occupation.” For the area.

The Guardian newspaper and Reuters news agency reported reports about sending Syrian fighters backed by Turkey to Azerbaijan, and that a first batch of 500 Syrian fighters had already arrived there, according to what was reported by several sources within the so-called Syrian National Army (the main umbrella of the Turkish-backed Syrian armed groups) As well as the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The Guardian stated that it spoke to three people living in the last stronghold of the armed opposition in Syria, and they confirmed that nearly a decade of war and extreme poverty led them to register their names with the leaders of the militants and mediators who promised them to employ them in a private Turkish security company abroad.

They said they expected to proceed to Turkey before being transferred to Azerbaijan.

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