NASA is moving quickly to confirm “life” on Venus


And it was An international research team On Monday, they revealed evidence of possible microbes in clouds Venus Strongly acidic, it has traces of phosphine that it produces on Earth bacteria They are spread in the oxygen-free environment.

This discovery provided strong evidence of a possible life outside form Earth.

And in February, NASA put out a short list of four proposed missions that one of its committees is currently studying. Two of the missions will launch robotic probes to Venus.

Mission “Da Vinci” is one of those two missions will send a probe to Atmosphere للكوكب.

“Da Vinci is the logical choice if you want to pursue this matter … because the only way to do that is to go out there and see what’s going on in the atmosphere,” David Grinspoon, an astrobiologist who is participating in the Da Vinci + mission proposal, told Reuters on Tuesday.

I did not search for any form of life elsewhere Sun Group Focuses on Venus before. And in July, NASA launched a next-generation vehicle to search for traces of life, perhaps in the past, on a planet Mars.


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