Nasr Mahrous: Bahaa Sultan is the one who disables himself and ours


Producer Nasr Mahrous said that he never stopped the singer Bahaa Sultan, pointing out that Baha Sultan is the one who disrupts himself and disrupts the company, stressing that the singer Bahaa Sultan performs singing in a number of advertisements and weddings and does not have a monopoly on him, but he cannot present any album until after the end of the period of time His contract with the company.

Mahrous continued, during a telephone interview in the ninth program broadcast on the Egyptian Channel 1 and presented by Wael Al-Ibrashi, that the singer Bahaa Sultan is an excellent singer, referring to the singer Bahaa Sultan, he did not present the material rights to the company, stressing that the company has tired a lot until the singer Baha Sultan appears and grows. Bahaa Sultan, whose real name is Bahaa Fathy, was a final refusal of the name Bahaa Sultan.

Mahrous added, saying that he did not enter a court with a singer during his life, but he entered the court with the singer Baha Sultan, pointing out that Baha Sultan’s problem is that he listens a lot to others, stressing that Baha Sultan was addressed several times until he came to the company and sang some songs again, but he did not come so he did He warned him several times, but he did not comply with this matter, stressing that there is arrogance and exaltedness of the singer Baha Sultan.


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