New details about the killing and suicide of a teacher of his three daughters after threatening arson – one scientist – accidents


The Syrian Ministry of the Interior revealed new details about the incident of a teacher killing his three daughters and committing suicide after an attempt to kill his wife, confirming that there had been news to the Criminal Security Branch in Tartous about a shooting in the Al-Jamaa neighborhood of the sixth project.

The ministry added that the branch patrols immediately headed to the place, where a woman was seen at the door of the house with a gunshot wound in her left leg, and it was found that she was called (Kifah Muhammad Ali), and she is the wife of the owner of the house called Mataa Salama bin Hafez 1966 CE, Hama, and indicated that her husband had fired a gun at her. And her three daughters (Shaima, 22, a university student, 20-year-old Khuzama, a student at an industrial institute, Shaden, 17, a high school student), and then he shot himself, and entering the house, the father and his daughters were seen leaving life, so the judicial and medical examination body was imposed.

And with the preliminary investigation, it was found that he had done so due to material differences with the called (Ahmed) and another person called (Benjamin) and their threats to him.

The aforementioned were arrested and investigations are still ongoing with them, and they will be submitted to the competent court.

“Al-Watan” newspaper confirmed that a Syrian man living in the coastal city of Tartous killed his three daughters before committing suicide.

The newspaper pointed out that the “horrific crime” occurred, on Sunday, in the Jamia neighborhood of the coastal city, when a mathematics teacher named Ghadeer Salama shot his three daughters and his wife before he killed himself.

The suicide father had published on his Facebook page a long post explaining the reasons for his suicide, and it said:

“When you read this post, I will have committed suicide and killed my daughters because of the threats of the so-called (A-P), who lives in Tartous, regarding my killing and killing my daughters and burning us, as shown in an audio recording of him on my tab (tablet) device, which is today’s recording in addition to many information Others explain the full reasons, and he and those behind him are able to do so. ”


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