New features will arrive on LinkedIn soon … Most notably, Video Meetings


LinkedIn has announced new features to give users more ways to communicate and control their conversations and messages, as the platform will add a video meeting feature, to convert the conversation from text chat to video calls by supporting Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans by Verizon or Zoom services directly in LinkedIn private messages The platform also adds the video meeting feature, and whether you want to start a new conversation or continue an ongoing conversation, click on the video icon next to where you are writing a message, for a popup window will appear that will take you to where you can choose from Teams, Zoom or BlueJeans and a request to log in.

Users can also edit their messages and delete the attachments sent by mistake, and according to the website description, to use this feature on a mobile phone, press and hold or double-tap the message to open a list of options, and on the desktop, hover over the message until you see Pop-up window out.

From there you will see the options for editing or deleting, and some other new features include emoji, deleting group actions and inviting others to an ongoing conversation while controlling the privacy of the original conversation history.


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