New Google Chromecast hitting stores before it is announced


The (Google Pixel 5) event is scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, but some other new products لشركة Google appeared on store shelves, andThis includes the all-new (Google Chromecast) device.

Some buyers have been able to purchase the new device, which has not yet been announced, directly from the store from retailers, such as Walmart, over the past week.

Entering the generic product code listed on the receipt on the retailer’s website does not yield any results, so it appears that you can only buy it in person at this time.

The receipt of the purchase did not mention the existence of the (Google Chromecast) device, but rather describes the new device as a product of “SABRINA”, which is the codename of the device, and is another evidence that the device (Google Chromecast) was sold before the specified date.

And it appeared earlier Many leaks about the new broadcast device, including its new elliptical design, and the first remote control device dedicated to the Chromecast device from Google.

Thanks to early sales, we got a lot more information than we usually get before the release.

Here are some Important points:

  • The device is priced at $ 49.99.
  • The codename is “Sabrina,” as early leaks indicate; Because it is printed on the receipt itself.
  • It comes in white, which Google calls “snow.”
  • It works with a modified version of (Android TV) called (Google TV), but this name should not be confused with the no longer existing Google Smart TV platform, which bears the same name and was first released 10 years ago.
  • The remote control works with two AAA batteries, so it is not rechargeable.
  • There is support for (Dolby Atmos), (Dolby Vision), (DTSX) and (HDR10 +), in addition to support for 4K resolution.
  • There is 2 GB of RAM and 4154 MB of storage space.
  • The device itself uses a (USB-C) connection, although it is not clear whether this connection supports other protocols, such as Ethernet, or hardware inputs, such as a mouse or keyboard.
  • Although the remote control contains volume buttons, it sends a signal to the TV via (CEC) that uses the (HDMI) signal to interact with the TV, and there is no (IR) transmitter in the remote control.

During the Google Pixel 5 event, Google plans to announce the new Google Chromecast with other new devices, including the Nest smart home speaker.


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