New iPhone camera “worries” Samsung


There are still many unknowns aboutIPhone 12“The new one, which we will discover its details at the upcoming Apple conference at the end of the month, but reports indicate a significant change in Phone camera, Which the company seeks to make it the best camera in the market with a clear difference from the competitors.

A new report from the Digi Times website indicated that Apple is focusing its developments on photography and video in the iPhone 12, and that competitors will clearly shy away from Camel In this technology.

Currently, the iPhone 11 Pro features a 5P lens for the ultra-high-resolution camera, and a 6P lens for both telephoto and wide-angle cameras.

وتحتوي smart phones Most featured on the market has five (5P) or six (6P) optical elements, which combine to correct chromatic aberration, distortion, and other Optical vibrations.

Switching to the 7P lens unit will represent seven elements, and while the additional elements alone do not guarantee better image quality, they represent a quantum leap in the image, using the appropriate software.

IPhone 12 is also said to contain 12 megapixel camera sensors, such as IPhone 11, But with larger sensors to aid in photos captured in low-light situations, as well as autofocus.

According to the site, if the new 7P lens is an additional bonus that Apple provides to users, also expect other big changes in Technology Other for the phone, to clearly outperform competitors.


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