New solar powered smart watch measures heartbeat and tracks sleep habits


The American company Garmin has expanded its versions of solar-powered smart watches by launching an all-new Instinct Solar and fēnix 6 Pro Solar smartwatches, and uses the new solar-powered smartwatches to support many of the smartwatch’s features, such as the heart rate dependent on the wrist, “Pulse oximetry”, advanced sleep monitoring, stress tracking, health insights for users etc.

The watch pursues sporting activities, such as indoor climbing, fishing, and mountain biking along with other activities, including running, swimming, yoga and golf to explore new challenges, and Garmin has integrated solar lens technology in its Instinct range of multi-sport outdoor watches to meet the needs of Lovers of the outdoors.

And with the Power Manager feature, users can switch to Battery Saver mode to enjoy unlimited battery life on the Instinct Solar and Instinct Solar – Camo Edition, and the Body Battery feature in smart watches analyzes heart rate fluctuation, stress level, sleep quality and activity data to determine overall energy levels. .

The company claims that the Instinct Solar series can give 24 days of smartwatch placement indoors and more than 50 days with sufficient exposure to the sun. Users can make these changes that extend battery life on the go by integrating Instinct Solar into Power Manager.


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