News 24 | A Saudi Scholarship Student Produces A Film And Made It To The New York Film Festival Finals (Video)


A Saudi scholarship student produces a film and makes it to the New York Film Festival finals A young Saudi student studying at a university in the United States of America managed to produce a film and make it to the finals of the New York Film Festival.

Abdulaziz Sarhan said, during an intervention on the “Al-Youm” program broadcast on the “Al-Akhbariya” channel, that this achievement was achieved after long efforts, the beginning of which was five years ago, when he began studying in the field of film and television production, adding that he was able three years ago to produce And filming and directing about three films, relying only on himself.

He added that after that, he formed a full staff that helped him produce and shoot films, including his film that arrived at the New York Festival, called “The Red Circle,” adding that the film’s story and the atmosphere imposed by the Corona pandemic were among the reasons that supported the film’s nomination for the festival’s finals.


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